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Since the fitness culture has become so important in our days, people who are making their daily schedules always try to find some time for exercise. The benefits are a lot, including physical and mental health, greater stamina, and of course better looks. But sometimes, it is just impossible to hit the gym or play sports outside.

This may happen because of bad weather, lack of time or other people to practise a sport with. Also lots of people prefer to workout at their home,where they feel more comfortable. If that is the case for you too, you should really consider buying an exercise bike! In case you do not know what is that, it is like an ordinary bike but stationary bike, fixed in a solid base. You can put it anywhere in your house and ride it when you like. It is an effective exercise because there is a resistance while you are pedaling,which can be air or magnetic produced.

The exersice bike offers a lot of training options depending on how you use it, so you can choose what best fits your needs. If your goal is to lose some weight, optimise your stamina, or strengthen your legs and core, this is the perfect instrument for you. Technology has been used to make your training experience better and more effective. Most excercise bike offer you a lot of ready trainig programs, dependind on what are your needs, as well as the opportunity to create your own program and save it for future usage.ln addition, there are a lot of resistance levels to choose according to your needs, making your progression smoother and avoiding injuries or feeling jaded. You can also save and keep track of your progress, allowing you to make a better, systematic workout plan with the best results!


But, taking in consideration the vast variety of similar products out there, how can you choose the best exercice bike for you? Below, are the most important aspects you should look for when making that kind of a purchase.


It is stronlgly recommended that you avoid buying an exercise bike from a label with obscure reputation. Such makers, although they offer a low price, usually use materials in the mechanic and electronic parts of the bike that tend to wear out after some usage. This will lead to exactly opposites results than what you aimed for, since you a will need to spend a lot of money in a new one! Also you should avoid a bike that uses friction for resistance as it is more costly to maintain as the friction pad used against the wheel to produce friction fastly wears down. Instead, a magnetic resistance exersice bike is more preferable.


Most bikes offer a variety of resistance levels, usually sixteen or up to twenty, easily adjustable from the electronic control panel. So no matter if you are a beginner or an advanced user you will find the proper level and work your way up, as you progress i your workout. That variety of levels should be enough for home usage and there is no need to look for one with more, unless of money is not an issue or you are a proffesional with a specific goal to achieve.


Many aspects of your daily workout are so important to be left in luck! Choosing the best exercise bike has a lot to do with technology. What you shoul look for is a bike that comes with some ready to use programs, usually designed by profecional trainers, aiming to improve specific skills such as stamina, strength or optimise weight losing. A proper bike also has the option of keepin track of your progress. Saving data of your workout is really a must,as it allows you to realise if you need to try more, or take a rest, accordind to your needs. Another impotant feature,especially in cardio training, is a heart rate monitoring device which is very useful and allows you to maintain stable heart beats while training. Furthermore, the best exercise bikes offer mp3 device and iphone compatibility,which is really nice, assuming of course you can afford it.


Would you ever buy trainers that are two sizes smaller than you usually wear, or course not. When you are training hard comfort is always key. It allows you to perform at your best, achieving your top goals. What you really look for in the best exersice bike for you is a comfortable, adjustable seat. One that moves both horizontally and vertically, so dependind on your height, you can reach the pedals and the hurdles without having to strech, putting yourself in an akward, ineffective position Also make sure that the material used in the seat and hurdles is soft and cool and will not harm you after great usage.

In conclusion, if you are searching for the best exercise bike for your training requirments, make sure that you get value for money. Think extensively what your real needs are, and how much money are you willing to spend one this piece of equipment. Anyway it is not suggested to buy a really cheap one (200 dollars or less) because you will probably need a new one really soon, or spend a lot of money trying to maintain a good operating condition. On the other hand, if you are an amateur user, trying to improve his muscular system and build up stamina in order to make your life easier and become healthier,do not become overexcited on the many features some really expensive bikes offer.Although you may fall in love with the best exercise bike in the market, it is possible to spend a great amount of money on something that you do not really need. For home usage,aim at an exercise bike that has most or all the aspects written above. You should be able to find something that suits your needs! Check out the biggest equipment fitness stores, do your research, and always have in mind every paragraph this article covered.

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